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Who we are

The Clocks are a 3 man psychedelic rock band from Hastings (England) our songs are full of thought provoking trippy lyrics and deep dark gritty bass lines with epic beats.

Consisting of:

George Bond - Guitar / Lead Vocals  

Adam Mcsweeney - Bass / Backing Vocals

Garry Alexander - Drums

We have been playing the pub circuit together since 2018 we released our first single Bad Habits in July 2022 which received awesome feedback from fans and local radio hosts.We returned later that year with Flight Song and The Maze.
In February 2023 we signed with local Independent Record Label Frontier Music and released our 4th studio single Trapdoor with them in April 2023. Followed shortly by The Conversation released on July 20th 2023 and the song has had a great response at gigs pre release and is on rotation at Lyme Bay Radio.


• Bad Habits - July 2022
• Flight Song - September 2022
• The Maze - January 2023
• Trapdoor - April 2023
• The Conversation - July 2023
• Road to Ascension - EP Coming Winter 2023

Press Release:

The Clocks:

Unveiling Mesmerising Psychedelic Rock with Thought Provoking Lyrics
Introducing The Clocks, an enthralling three-man psychedelic rock ensemble hailing from the
vibrant musical landscape of Hastings, England. With their captivating blend of mind-bending
lyrics, deep and gritty bass lines, and epic beats, The Clocks are poised to redefine the
boundaries of sonic exploratio.


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