Martial Dare


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Martial Dare - Alternative Rock Power Trio from Northants. Captivating, powerful, mercurial.


Martial Dare

Martial Dare's songs are pumped full of soaring, octave jumping vocals, slick guitar solos, wistful lyricism and post-grunge rawness. Based in Northamptonshire, Martial Dare are an alternative rock band described as intense, striking and energetic. Their music shifts from loud to quiet dynamics and fast to slow tempos. Their self produced tracks can be found on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Martial Dare

  1. Dirt Track (2023 re-release) 21.07.2023
  2. Upper 11.08.2023
  3. Harder 25.08.2023
  4. Picture 08.09.2023
  5. Expectations 22.09.2023
Martial Dare - Dirt Track

(Official Music Video)

Official music video for Dirt Track by Martial Dare. Copyright 2023 Martial Dare. All rights reserved. Recorded, Mixed, Produced and Mastered by Martial Dare. Written by Tash Rose.