Imaginary Dreamers


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Imaginary Dreamers comprise of Kevin (Vocals and Guitar), Gonzalo (Drums) and Andy (Bass and vocals). This incarnation has been together since July 2023.


Imaginary Dreamers

Imaginary Dreamers are based in the London area, and play a unique style of Alt. rock, that is at times bold and fragile, yet always dynamic and punchy. Their live set is always full of energy, camaraderie and is diverse enough to captivate any fan of rock music. ​ The band consists of singer/guitarist Kevin Meylemans, drummer Gonzalo Garcia-Montero, and on bass/backing vocals is Andy Woolley. With plenty of experience behind them, the trio have continued to grow and remain steadfastly positive about the music they produce. ​ Their single "No Regrets" was released in 2022, with "Right Before You" following in July 2023. This year promises to be a constructive one, with plenty of new songs on the way, and potentially some more recording.

Imaginary Dreamers

Right Before You (Official Video)

Official video for "Right Before You" by Imaginary Dreamers, released on 1st July 2023