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Hedra lineup:
Jim Marten - Vocals,
Kamil Korsak - Guitar,
Daniel 'Squeak' Older- Bass,
James Redden - Drums



Formed in 2014 by guitarist Kamil Korsak with Jim Marten on vocals, Hedra released their first EP, Mind Dimension in 2016. The band lineup has been through various changes in the intervening years, but with JamesRedden joining in 2022 to bash the skins and Daniel Older taking over bass duties in 2023, Hedra are on a mission to bring their music to every corner of the UK and beyond. With influences ranging from Iron Maiden to Muse to Soundgarden to Mastodon, the unmistakable and individual sound which conjures images of dark dystopian times makes Hedra stand out from the crowd while also appealing to those outside of the metal sphere.The band have a strong work ethic and an insatiable hunger to perform live, entertain, share their music, and help the metal scene become stronger and more open to everyone.


Performances and Musical Storytelling - Hedra
Passionate performances captivate audiences, with the camaraderie displayed by the band adding to the overall sense of belonging. Marten is an assured and commanding frontman who rides the waves created by Korsak and Older’s intricate guitars and Redden’s drums; always leaving a crowd wanting more. Hedra have released numerous singles and two further EPs since Mind Dimension, Polaris in July 2022 and The PeckingOrder in November 2022. Each EP the band has released has been based on themes that tell a story. The most recent release centres around the handling of the pandemic. Hedra were semi-finalists in the Northamptonshire heat of Bloodstock’s Metal to the Masses competition in June 2023 and played the infamous Cart & Horses in London (birthplace of Iron Maiden) as part of Metalfest London III in July 2023.
Hedra - The Fear Inside

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