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Andromedous: Metal X EDM crossover band from Weston-super-Mare. For fans of Pendulum, Bring Me the Horizon, Phase One, Architects, Wage War, Northlane.



Taking inspiration from titans of the metal world and icons of EDM, DnB and Dubstep, Electro-Metallers Andromedous bring their unique yet relatable style of heavy music and package it within a mesmerising live show, winning over countless audiences with their fresh take on Heavy Music.


Was a Standout year for Andromedous. The band brought their fierce blend of Modern Metal and Electronic Dance Music to audiences across the entirety of the UK, with notable highlights including a blistering set at a sold-out 20th Anniversary Download Festival. The release of the VOIDS ep followed shortly, a daring collaboration with some of the south west's finest vocalists which has been well received by old and new fans alike. The addition of Elliot Harrison as the first full time vocalist further elevated the bands status as one to watch in the UK metal scene, highlighted by the response to CHASM, the final release of 2023 for the band. 2024 looks to continue the trend of bringing their blend of hooky riffs and filthy drops to as many people as possible.
Andromedous - Chasm

(Official Music Video)

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